South African Actress Who Are Millionaires In Real Life

The acting industry clearly needs people who are humble and down to earth. Imagine being rich in real life and then be given an acting role where you play as a poor person, not many millionaires would be able to do that.

These actresses have unmatched talents in the acting industry, some of them don’t only focus on acting but they also run their own businesses. Without wasting anymore of your precious time, let me give you a list of South African actresses who are millionaires in real life.

1. Connie Ferguson


She is alleged to be earning around R150 000 a month just for acting alone. Her net worth is estimated at around $50 million this year, this is approximately the same as R714 million in South African rands.

2. Brenda Mhlongo

Brenda’s net worth is estimated at $400 000 this year (2021). Like Connie Ferguson, she also played on Generations but their characters were very different. She is currently playing on Imbewu the seed as KaMadonsela.

3. Leleti Khumalo

She is one of the South African actresses who need no introductions, she became popular on Sarafina. Her net worth is estimated at R6.6 million. She is alleged to have a salary of R120 000 per month.

Let me save others for another day. Did you know that these actresses are millionaires in real life?

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