South African actor SK Khoza is fighting for his life in hospital

South African popular TV actor Sthembiso Khoza popular known as SK shared the grief of being beaten by his fiancee and revealed that he was admitted to hospital in England, according to the source he said this on a live video.

This actor, who is known for his strange adventures on social media, came up with something different this time as he appears to be sleeping in the hospital, Khoza who admitted himself that he has not posted videos on social media for a while, is crying bitterly about being beaten by the woman he is in love with.


The actor who became a Mzansi’s favorite in the drama “The Queen” was seen lying in the hospital with a bandage on his hand. “I’m going to let everyone know what’s going on, I think people should know,” he said.

He said his fiancee beat him and left him in the lurch, “If my mother had been there, she would have attacked this girl, she would have told the police not to take her and arrest her herself,” said SK. The actor said that there was nothing in the kitchen that was not used when he was beaten, he listed a knife, a can opener and even a pan.