South Africa Celebrity best TV couples who would make you think they were together in real life

On Isibaya, the two performers portrayed a husband and wife. Despite their families’ disapproval of their relationship, they fell in love throughout the first season of the show, despite the fact that they were longtime adversaries. The story of this couple’s love was heartwarming because they overcame all hurdles to be together. They were subjected to violence and even witchcraft, yet they escaped unscathed.

Sonia Mbele and Menzi Ngubane.







On Sabc 1’s Generations, Sonia Mbele and Menzi Ngubane portrayed a married couple. In their roles, they portrayed Ntombi and Sibusiso. People began to believe that they could be a couple in real life because of how well they got along. As married couples on Generations, they were both happily married at the time. Sonia is now divorced in real life, and she revealed that her ex-closeness husband’s to her coworker Menzi prompted her to leave her Ntombi character.

Hungani Ndlovu and Sive Mabuya

Scandal’s best couple was Romeo Medupi (Hungani) and Xolile, who were the hero and the heroine, respectively (Sive). It was Romeo who saved both his wife and her family from the monster to whom they had previously been married.

Mo Setumo and SK Khoza

Their romance on The Queen was particularly heartwarming since it featured a bad boy and a nice girl. They had a criminal husband named Shaka, but his wife Mabatho was a religious woman who regularly attended church. Mabatho was a Christian, thus Shaka had to wait until they were married before they could be intimate.

Shona Ferguson and Enhle Mbali

On Rockville, their romance blossomed into much more. While running a brothel, Jackson Bogatsu’s (Shona Ferguson) love interest (Enhle Mbali) fell in love with him and they married. Because they believed he had forced their child to work in a brothel, Lindiwe’s family was reluctant to accept his decision.

Thuli Thabethe and Menzi Ngubane

On Isibaya, the duo resembled Bonnie and Clyde more than any other couple I’ve ever seen. Their illicit actions were carried out as a team, and they stood by each other through good times and bad.