Sorisha’s husband bleaching his skin too?

Sorisha’s husband bleaching his skin too?

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Sorisha is an all time fave housewife from the Real Housewives of Durban. Apart from her calming demeanour, she’s famous for her skin lightening scandals and a filthy rich husband that she speaks highly of.

A snap of the couple was shared on Twitter and all sorts of comments started pouring down Musa Khawula’s tweet.

Most of the comments spoke of how the two are rich but look terrible. Others highlighted that even with all that money and skin lightening history, they look hideous.

The most bizarre comments are ones that boldly said of how Sorisha’s husband looks like a corpse.

The speculation was made after zooming in on the picture and noticing that the old man’s skin looks a bit “brighter” than known by the masses.


In the end, Sorisha was accused of allegedly influencing her husband to bleach his skin, as she has.

These are the comments:

Honestly they don’t look healthy dramadelinquent

He looks like a corpse. Secure the bag wena girl DrPhomolo

They Are filthy loaded though Sorisha made this man bleach his skin like she did hers. DominicNgeleka

Don’t tell me Vivian is also bleaching like she did😕LadyMcMame

Thoughts? Do you think the mean comments are laced in poverty?

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