Sophie Ndaba’s son leaves her fans speechless with recent picture.

Children grow up fast and they always resemble their parents as they grow up. Every parent prays that their child makes it life and has something good and positive working for them. It means that they listened to your teachings, which is the most important thing.

Sophie Ndaba is an actress and businesswoman. She’s been in the industry for many years now. She’s known for her role on Generations which she played for many years. She’s starred Lockdown which was different from her role on Generations. She nailed the role just like the professional that she is.



She has a son named Lwandle with actor Themba Ndaba. Lwandle is a rapper who has gained quiet a number of fans from his songs. Lwandle is a replica of both his parents. He resemblances both of them. His fans couldn’t stop gushing over him. She’s done a great job raising him. He has grown very big.