Sophie Ndaba showered with love

Sophie Ndaba’s Son Expresses Heartfelt Admiration for His Mother on Social Media.

Lwandle Ocean L Ndaba, the son of renowned actress Sophie Ndaba, recently took to social media to share a touching tribute to his mother. His heartfelt post comes on the heels of the actress’s official launch of a new platform for women. In his post, Ocean L opened up about their journey in life, highlighting the perfect timing of God’s interventions and the undeniable blessings they have received.


Ocean L’s post narrated how their lives were guided by a higher power onto a new path, expressing gratitude for the impeccable timing of God’s plans. He went on to express admiration for his mother’s strength, referring to her as a “strong force.” He also took a moment to gush over her appearance, describing her as beautiful.

Sophie Ndaba, known for her remarkable acting career, recently unveiled a platform aimed at empowering women. This new endeavor reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of women and further establishes her as an influential figure beyond the entertainment industry.

The heartfelt post from Ocean L not only showcases the strong bond between a mother and her son but also highlights the enduring love and support that Sophie Ndaba receives from her family. It serves as a reminder of the impact individuals can have on their loved ones and the inspiration that can arise from such relationships.

As Sophie Ndaba continues to inspire through her work and dedication, Ocean L’s heartfelt tribute stands as a testament to the profound influence she holds in the lives of those around her.

“Lemme tell you also that God makes the impossible very much possible. As I type this, my mom launched @shesawonder_africa, where women empowerment is at its finest.

“She will show you the greatness that happened yesterday and how many women’s hearts she touched this woman’s month.”

He also highlighted how they both nailed the front cover of a magazine together, which was their fifth one together.