Sophie Ndaba finally responds to rumours about illness and house repossession

This well known former generations actress has been in the rumours where people were saying that her house was taken back by the bank after she failed to make some payments which used to be monthly and she has come out to try and speak for herself.

She is strictly warned a certain news publishing company that they should stop projecting lies about it because she did not have such type of issues as she only had a house auctioned rather than it being repossessed by the bank.


South Africans were feeling for her and making sure that they give her words of comfort, because of the lies that have been projected about her, and she says that it is not true, and people are just seeking for attention using her name.

This woman is a very powerful woman and will continue to do what she does best, and she should stop listening to people and focus on her own way of life because people always speak.