Sonia Mbele’s recent look took Mzansi by storm as looked absolutely stunning.

There has been so much drama surrounding popular actress Sonia Mbele’s life recently, the star has been going through so much in her life and it’s just heartbreaking to see. As a strong woman she always manages to keep moving on with life despite the hardships she might be facing.




A few weeks ago, actress Sonia Mbele released a statement after her son was accused of abuse by his partner Reokeditswe Makete. Her situation as a single mother who tried her best to raise her children in a good way, touched a lot of people’s hearts, leaving many sympathizing with her. Sonia moving forward and she loves living life to the fullest. Recently she shared breathtaking pictures of herself looking remarkably beautiful, her pictures took many of her followers by storm as looked absolutely stunning.

In her post, Sonia also revealed that December is her birth month and she showed so much excitement. On the 11th of December this phenomenal woman will be turning 46 years old and she still looks younger that her age. What’s your take Sonia Mbele’s recent post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.