Sonia Mbele is going to be a grandmother as her son Donell is expecting a baby

Sonia Mbele who popular known for being a former actress on Generations is going to be a grandmother soon. Sonia actually looks very young but her age definitely allows her to be a grandmother. Her son Donell Mbele is still young but ready to be a parent.

Her son looks good with his girlfriend and they are ready to take on the journey to be parents. Donel Mbele is not that famous but his parents are very popular. Fans have congratulated Sonia on he great news of being a grandmother soon.



In my opinion I think Sonia is going to be a great grandmother, because she looks great and she will do anything to take care of her grandchildren. Some of the fans are saying that Donell should name his child with Christina. This is going to be a huge step for them and to grow as well.