Sonia Mbele gets dragged on social media because of her son abusive behaviour to his girlfriend

Sonia Mbele is not part of what her son did people should differentiate

Some of the social media users are shocked that Sonia Mbele is the trending for what her son did to his girlfriend. It has been reported that Sonia Mbele’s son Donnel beat up her girlfriend and almost killed her.


The news have come to the public when Donnel’s girlfriend shared the photos as the evidence, that Sonia Mbele’s son has physically abused her. This was really hard because Donnel asked his girlfriend to take down the photos. The reason why Sonia is the one trending it is because they just want to ruin her reputation, and be known as a woman who raised an abusive man.

Sonia Mbele should be left alone, because she probably didn’t know that her son was abusive towards his girlfriend. They should let the perpetrator be the one who trends.