“Sonia Booth is going to die lonely and miserable for this” Nota is not happy with Sonia Booth

Nota comments on Sonia and Matthew Booth cheating saga

Nota has commented on the Sonia and Mathew booth cheating saga. He takes Mathew’s side because he is a man and Sonia played this very well. He is not happy that Sonia did all of this without Mathew finding out until yesterday.


Nota says this because he feels like Mathew will file for a divorce against his wife Sonia after finding out he was cheating. Sonia looks like a woman who has her own money and she does not need a man in her life to be happy.

Since Sonia exposed her husband, I think she already knows the next step that she is going to take. She might ask for a divorce or stay married to Mathew Booth. Nota is taking this way too serious and Sonia will definitely live without Mathew because she is a strong woman.

Sources: https://twitter.com/lavidaNOTA/status/1589645236825120769?t=YD7amKNAuztIi-v9-21cXQ&s=19