Somizi’s pictures with Kelly Khumalos’ son leave his fans astonished.

It takes a village to raise a child. This saying is very true. You can’t raise your child alone no matter how strong you think you are. As people we need help in life, no matter how small the help might seem. You will never raise a child alone that’s a fact.





Kelly Khumalo is a great vocalist and has made a huge name for herself. The reality is always minding her own business whenever she makes it on the news. She’s raising her two children alone with those around her, helping her.

Her and Somizi are very close and get along. They’ve been friends for many years now and the friendship has turned into family. He shared pictures with her so Christian as he turned 12. “My cub turned 12 this past weekend and it was a beautiful celebration…….mama bear @kellykhumaloza thanks for having i still cant get over that chicken curry and rice.” It’s quiet evident that they had lots of fun.