Somizi’s Daughter Embarrassed After She Was Spotted Wearing This In Public

Yesterday was a blissful nightmare for celebrities at the viewers choice Dstv awards. These awards are held each year as a way to appreciate those who are working hard and representing South Africa in a good way. The South African media and entertainment industry is being represented internationally by hardworking people. A large number of people attended the awards looking so beautiful. It was indeed a night to serve and to look really stunning.




Bahumi Mhlongo is amongst those who attended the event. She is a South African actress who is currently working hard to get the recognition that she needs. She is the daughter of the award winning actor, musician, reality TV star and entrepreneur Somizi Mhlongo. He is one of the influential celebrities that are loved worldwide.Over the past tears, his focus was on winning the love of people in the country.

He is one of the talented presenters that South Africa has. People know him as the person who is obsessed with fashion and always leave people stunned when dressing up. Photo of his daughter at the awards has been circulating and the response from the people is not pleasing at all. People were left talking after seeing her hair and immediately asked her father would allow her to go to the award like that. Because he is a rich person they expected him to treat her good and make sure that she dresses nicely.

People say that her hair is inappropriate and not fit for a celebrity. It’s like people forget that all people have the right to choose what they want. What you like, will certainly not be what another person likes. People should refrain from being judgemental towards others and let them live the way they want. If she chose that kind of hair and outfit people should just let her be. Cyber bullying is one of the things that have made people to kill themselves . People should avoid using social media to destroy others. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news

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