Somizi Was Seen Publicly Gushing Over His Bestie MaMkhize

There is nothing that is heart soothing as receiving the love that you also give. If you love someone it should really be reciprocated, this is not just for romantic relationships, it goes for friendships as well.



What just happened with Shawn Mkhize and Somizi was so cute to see. When Shawn Mkhize came to the public eye, many people instantly fell in love with her. This may have been because of how rich she is, nonetheless Shawn Mkhize chose very few industry people to be her friends, Somizi Mhlongo was actually one of those people who became her closest friends. The two was regularly seen together serving bestie vibes, they also constantly show each other love on social media.

This time MaMkhize posted a very beautiful picture of herself on her Instagram, of which her bestie somizi commented gushing over her, he commented dripping and MaMkhize was here for it. She thanked him with a very nice comment “chomza” with a red heart