Somizi Should Choose His Friends .What Dj Zinhle says.

How do you Publicly tell your friend not to call you? Even worse go as far as to tell them that you need a break, you need a break from who sis? Your friend? Is that not bashing.Somizi is really at a point where he should really be picky when it comes to the people he keeps close to him was also those who call themselves friends. Just a few months ago, Somizi’s life was turned upside down by the person he trusted the most, his husband. He ended up losing his jobs and the public was so close to canceling him.Right now dj zinhle just Publicly bashed him on Instagram for no good reason. If she was such a good friend to somizi why would she say that she needs a break and that Somizi should not call her, like what did she want people to say