Somizi Must Fall? || See What He Did That Left People Angry

Somizi Mhlongo is a South African award winning actor, musician, television reality star and entrepreneur. He is one of the influential celebrities in the world. Over the past years of being in the entertainment industry Mhlongo managed to win the love of many people by the good work that he kept on doing. The world knows him as the person who is obsessed with fashion and always leave people amazed when dressing up. He has been recorded as one of the top loved celebrities in the world.

It seems like things might end up in tears following his reality TV show ” Living the dream with Somizi”. Viewers have just revealed that they are no longer happy with the content that they are being served in the show. People believe that he is using his show badmouth Mohale in any possible way. It has been months since it was revealed that the two will be divorcing and by the look of things it might get messy as Mohale is demanding fifty percent of Somizi’s assets. The couple ended their marriage two years after getting married. People were certainly not ready for them to break up as their love inspired many to fall inlove.




A year ago Mohale left people shocked when he revealed that it was not all good in their marriage as Somizi apparently abused him. He accused Somizi of being abusive in their relationship and that made him to lose more business contracts as people did not want to be associated with anyone who is accused of abuse. The tables have turned as Somizi is using his show to badmouth Mohale. The time Mohale exposed him, he never spoke about the allegations and only decided to break the silence now.

On each show, Somizi gets to badmouth Mohale and that is making viewers to be more angry. They believe that he should focus his show on portraying his own life than using time to badmouth him. It has gone to an extent that viewers say that he must fall for what he is doing and others are threating to stop watching his show. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.