Somizi Mhlongo Returning To IdolsSA With New stylish

Somizi Mhlongo have returned to IdolsSA with a new hairstyle and new outfits. Somizi has been wining his fans and followers hearts over the past few years with her fashion. Mhlongo have recently taken to her Instagram page where he shared pictures of himself where he was in IdolsSA. After a long time without seeing him, somizi has made his return again in the show. Followers of IdolsSA are happy that Somizi has turned to the show after the last drama which caused him to lose his job.







Somizi is making his return to the new with a new hairstyle and a new outfits. He has taken to his social media page where he revealed to his fans that he is back to Idols SA and they are busy with audition.

Somizi is known as IdolsSA judge who is being loved by everyone. Somizi has been entertaining us with his fashion. He has never lied to his fans about his sexuality. He has always been open and this is the other reason why people are loving him.