Somizi|| I am a Coca-Cola addict[Video]

Somizi Mhlongo who is popularly known as his Nickname SomG is the life of everything, the main thing at an event, the life of vibe and a party. Somizi is that kind of an open-minded person, who loves everyone, and laughs at everything. For someone rich like him, he is a very down-to-earth person.

As normal people, there is something that we do, take, or eat that we cannot get enough of. Not to even mention going a day or just hours without having that one particular thing. The reality television star revealed on his Instagram in a form of a video that he a Cola-Cola addict.





After this, people were not surprised at all because most know there is no family meal without Coca-cola. The drink at first was discovered to be too acidic for the body, but as time goes by the company made means to reduce the pH level which right now can make one love to hate it.

What shocked many is when people started coming out on Somizi’s post, telling him that he’s not the only one who’s addicted. To top it all off, one social media user mentioned how they are addicted to green bar soap and green granules. Others are addicted to sleeping and eating mad while others can’t get enough of seating directly to the sun.

Somizi is one of the smartest South African celebrities, you could even find out that he’s not addicted to the drink but was doing it as a marketing strategy. As a man of every talent, knowing him to be everywhere we could wake up and find out he’s now the brand ambassador for Coca-Cola.

Somizi is proof that working hard does not make you rich but working smart plays the trick. I bet after people see that a celebrity also loves Cola, they won’t even feel bad about their addiction. Is more we will buy comfortably.