Somizi having fun at the airport – people in stitches

Somizi leaves people in stitches on social media after he

sted a video of him getting up to mischief at the airport. Somizi posted a video of him sitting on the place where your luggage goes through. Lerato Kganyago was behind the camera as she can be heard in the video.




This is not allowed at the airports but Somizi is always doing something hilarious. People in the comments section such as young Stunna said that they could never do this as the security guards will throw him out. Somizi commented and said that the guards did give him a look but he waved and everything was good. Boity said that there is never a time that she is in the airport and doesn’t wish to do this.

Somizi then urged the former Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane to wear her Super national crown, do this and wave.

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