Somizi gets stuck in the boot while goofing around.

Everyone one has a child in them. It doesn’t matter how old you, you will find yourself doing something unsure. Most of the times, it happens when we are surrounded by people who bring out the best in us. In most cases a day doesn’t end without us doing something childish.

Somizi Mhlongo has a bubbly personality and such personalities, need people who got him. If you don’t get him, you might be offended. The actor, television presenter and choreographer is always ready for a good time. It is very rare to see him with a sore face.


He was goofing around and closed himself in a car boot. He has to call his friend and makeup artist Nomsa Madida to come and open for him. She was left in stitches by his actions. We are not surprised but he shouldn’t do it more often. One day it might not workout. And people’s phones won’t go through, he will be stuck in there.