Somizi appreciates Kelly Khumalo’s loyalty

Somizi Mhlongo has decided to pen down a write up to Kelly Khumalo after she declined Zimbabwean gig.


Few days ago, the Apostolic Christian Council Of Zimbabwe Original 2009 has blocked his visit to Zimbabwe citing his sexual orientation as the reason.

In the letter by the Indigenous Churches, they outlined that his presence would disrupt the country spiritually.

Kelly on the other hand showed her support to Somizi as she declined the offer to be present at the gig.

Reacting to this, the media personality shared an adorable video of them making moves together as he thanks her for her utmost loyalty.

He said that they have been there for each other in so many situations and she has proven her loyalty.

Somizi stated that he was not going to be offended even if she accepted the gig but she stood on her ground.

He concluded saying that he is so overwhelmed with her act and he will also do the same for her.

Somizi wrotes: “DEDICATION POST…..hayi shem wena Miss LOYAL i know how sensitive ur when ot comes to loyalty….and u have proven so many times what the word means.  Me and u have been there for each other in situations the world dont know about….

“Recently u have been tested not once but twice and still u rose for the occasion….and this time even if u took the offers i wasnt gonna be offended but still u didnt….being replaced by u wud be an honor to me and wud show that i need big shoes to replace me….but u didnt coz yo loyalty wud not allow u. Kelly Khumalo …..ngiyavuma…. I love u…..and i hope u will never ever doubt that id also do the same for u”

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