Somizi and Palesa Smoke the Peace Pipe – “Thank You For Your Womb”

Somizi Mhlongo and his baby mama Palesa Madisakwane at last plunked down and examined their girl’s name change circumstance. After Palesa let Somizi know that she feels like he disregarded her belly, they at long last came to some kind of arrangement which saw Somizi valuing Palesa.

On the most recent episode of Somizi’s unscripted TV drama Living The Dream with Somizi, they plunked down to examine the entire last name issue and the forthcoming harms issue including Bahumi.

In front of their gathering, Palesa said she and Somizi don’t see each other frequently, just when the time has come to examine significant issues.

“I don’t see Somizi frequently, not except if assuming there’s something significant about Bahumi or perhaps family, that you know, we need to speak with or except if in the event that I need cash.”

During their gathering, Palesa M believed that her child’s daddy should put any misinformation to rest regarding the reason why he is dawdling with the entire issue.


“However, for what reason didn’t you lose everything?” she inquired. Somizi answered by saying, “I don’t have time which is off-base.”

Palesa said she is feeling quite doubtful about whether Somizi truly needs to amend what is happening, “Presently I’m asking myself… whether Somizi is serious. He must be sure about whether he’s in or out, whether he’s proceeding or in switch, he shouldn’t let me know stories.”

Somizi then said they need to do the service so Bahumi’s endowments could be delivered.

“We ought to pay harm and do a service and completely finish since it is obstructing Bahumi’s favours,” he told Palesa.

Addressing the camera, Palesa said Somizi is being rude on the grounds that she couldn’t say whether he is doing it for it, or on the other hand assuming he truly needs to, “This individual isn’t just affronting my family however I felt like you disregarded my belly,” she said.

“Do you truly believe that this should occur?” asked Palesa and Somizi said, “As far as I might be concerned, for Bahumi to claim the Mhlongo family name it will mean so much since she’s the lone kid and she’s a young lady. Furthermore, for me, it’s about the inheritance and I accept she has the stuff to develop the family name.” He went on by saying, “Since I believe she’s that a very remarkable resilient lady that in any event, when she gets hitched she will continuously be Bahumi Mhlongo-Van Wyk.”

Somizi then, at that point, said he could do without serious gatherings, “I could do without serious discussions, I can’t stand gatherings. So in my mind, I’m hearing what she’s talking about and I won’t mess with it yet we should not get excessively intense.”

In any case, Somizi said thanks to Palesa for her belly, that is the introduction of their girl “Thank you for your belly.”