Somizi and his daughter are both living with incurable diseases, see how they have been surviving

It’s hard for Somizi right now. People avoid him, and businesses won’t even work with him. Choreographer and performer Somizi Mhlongo. Abuse allegations forced him to step down as a judge on both Sarafina and Idols SA, both of which brought him to prominence.

After hearing the allegations of abuse made by Somizi’s ex-husband, several companies have distanced themselves from him. Unathi, judge of the Idols, has unfollowed Somizi because, he says, “we’re not friends.” Somizi had garnered a lot of sympathy from those around him because of the general consensus that he was going through a rough patch and could use some assistance.

Somizi is no stranger to terrifying situations. Somizi has an incurable condition; doctors gave him a month to live in 1999, yet he managed to outlive them.




No challenge would be insurmountable after this, he reasoned. It’s permanent, yet his daughter’s disease causes her legs to develop at different rates. The condition is known as lymphedema.

Managing the situation with his daughter, Somizi

Somizi chose to maintain an upbeat demeanor despite his negative emotions. He is now cancer-free and attributes his good health to treatment and the confidence that he can overcome the disease.

His kid had to accept her disease and be comfortable in public. Her infirmity didn’t stop her from achieving her goals, and her famous father Somizi didn’t help her.

He once fought for his life and has sought to clear his name of sexual assault charges.

Somizi doesn’t care. If he survives this, nothing will be too hard for him.