Somizi and his daughter are both living with diseases, see how they have been surviving

Currently, things aren’t going so well for Somizi; brands aren’t partnering with him, and some individuals appear to be avoiding him entirely. Somizi Mhlongo is a South African media personality, choreographer, and actress who has been on television and in films. A number of films and television programmes have been produced by the actor since his departure from Sarafina and Idols SA following allegations of sexual abuse against youngsters.







Since Somizi’s ex-husband Mohale made it public that the musician abuses him, products affiliated with her have been pulled from the marketplace. As soon as Unathi, the judge of the Idols, chose to unfollow Somizi, Mzansi was notified of the decision. Many people began to feel sorry for Somizi, feeling that he was going through a difficult moment in his life and needed their assistance.

However, Somizi has already been through something similar to what you’re going through. Somizi was diagnosed with an incurable illness in 1999, according to experts. Despite being warned he would die and that he only had one month left to live, he battled back and lived to tell the tale.




“If I can survive this, nothing in the world will be too difficult for me from now on,” says the speaker even more forcefully. Her legs are growing at a different rate than the rest of her body, which is caused by an incurable condition that cannot be treated. This ailment is referred to as lymphedema in medical terminology.

The actions he and his daughter are doing are intended to keep them from perishing.

Somizi took the decision to keep a cheerful attitude despite the fact that he did not feel physically capable of confronting the world on some days. He is currently in good health as a result of his treatment and the idea that he is more powerful than the disease that he is fighting.



He will not be able to accept the situation until he sees his daughter emerge from her shell, which will take time. Her physical limitations, as well as the notoriety of her father, Somizi, did not stand in the way of her fulfilling her ambitions.

His life had previously been put in peril as a result of sexual assault charges, and he had struggled to maintain his anonymity.

As Somizi previously stated, this is nothing to him, and if he can get through this, then nothing is out of reach for him in life.