Somizi almost broke property celebrating Springboks win

South African choreographer Somizi almost broke his property celebrating the Springboks’ win.

Indeed, the Springboks made the country proud, and many fans had been wild celebrating.

In the stadium, it was a fantastic atmosphere that many fans described as a once-in-a-lifetime moment.



After the game, many fans waited for the Springboks to lift the trophy while dancing and singing.

Back home in South Africa, many fans did not even sleep that night, and Somizi was among them.

With so much joy, Somizi almost broke property in his house with pleasure.

Sharing the video on his Instagram, Somizi spoke of how he could not sleep after the game.

He also spoke of his joy that the Springboks had defended the World Cup.

Somizi property Springboks win
Somizi. image via Instagram @somizi
“PG50. Excuse the tranka showing, but I can’t help my joy. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS GUYS.” he said

“I still haven’t slept, and it’s ok”, he continued, speaking of how he did not sleep at night celebrating the win.

Celebrating, Somizi roamed around the house, climbing on top of things.

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He went to the bar, and he danced on top of the counter, and in the sitting room, he was jumping on a couch.

Somizi did all this in the morning but had already danced much at night celebrating.

“On my way to my gigs, knowing that every move is a win. I wish I could give discounts”

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After Somizi almost broke his property celebrating the Springboks win, many fans loved it.

“Somizi is gifted bakithi 👏yo! He shud switch teams coz we’re missing out on yummy thangz! 😂”

“The turquoise color is refusing to be underneath the white one 😂😂😂”

“Akhongxaki Somga mazilenge ezilengayo zixolelekile kule weekend😂😂🕺🏽😍🏈🏆🇿🇦”

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“Now we know who’s dancing on couching in the club and destroying then 😂😂😂”

“Leriya I Kende🍒, you can’t convince me otherwise…. I saw what I saw 😭”

“Make so much money that you no longer subconsciously hear your parents yelling at you for playing on your own furniture, live on the edge fearlessly”