Some interesting facts about Msawawa, the Kwaito Musician From South Africa

Msawawa, a Kwaito musician of South African descent, has recorded gospel songs such Bowungakanani, Hip Hop Kwaito, and the Prophecy.

The music superstar’s fame stayed high until the early 2000s, when he was just 10 years old. Msawawa quit the music industry for some time, but he returned in 2018 and is working extremely hard to revive his career. We conduct research to determine what Msawawa has been up to recently.

Summary of Msawawa’s Bio

Full name: Siboniso Msawawa Dlamini
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1990
Msawawa’s Age: 32
Nationality: South African
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Msawawa’s Wife: Angela Gwala
Famous for: Kwaito music

Msawawa is Currently 32 Years Old

Msawawa was born in 1990 and raised in South Africa, his native nation. His parents and sister raised him in Durban, South Africa. His parents, who were childless, lavished him with love and attention. They also managed his finances until he was 18 and could make his own decisions.

Msawawa, who ascended to power at an early age, did not value his schooling. He probably cared more about his employment opportunities. He attended the same high school as his lifelong friend and fellow Kwaito musician, Mzambiya. Due to the publication of their chart-topping single Wawungakanani, the two became famous while still young.
Bulldawgz Entertainment Discovered Msawawa When He Was 8 Years Old

Msawawaimage source

Msawawa will be remembered as the youngest South African musician to attain success in the then-popular Kwaito music genre. He was only eight years old when Bulldawgz Entertainment discovered him. They collaborated in the late 1990s to create some excellent Kwaito music.



His debut single, Msawawa Bowngakanani, was published when he was only nine years old. The vocalist attained prominence with the release of The Hurricane of Bowngakanani in 2001.

More records were released, but the musician’s consistency began to deteriorate as the rigors of popularity took effect. Years after the release of his last album, No Way Out, the singer has been attempting to recover his former grandeur.

Since Msawawa has always possessed a natural talent for music, he has an excellent chance of making a full recovery. To compete with the newest stars in the industry, particularly those in the Kwaito genre, he will need to boost his game.
Why Msawawa Went Off The Music Scene

A talent agency discovered Msawawa at the age of eight and signed him up. His first song was released when he was nine years old, and adjusting to popularity at that age is quite challenging. Msawawa was therefore unprepared for the adulation that welcomed his entrance into the music industry.

During his brief era of fame, he was exposed to numerous vices, such as acts of aggression, fraud, and other crimes. After his fame, which was intended to improve his life, made him famous, he allegedly dropped out of school and went bankrupt. Msawawa moved back to Durban to live with his family and to discover himself, but he ceased making music.

There were many rumors about the singer’s location after he departed, but the truth was that he had succumbed to the rigors of fame. Msawawa was overwhelmed by the attention his music garnered, despite the fact that his parents had lived in his community since he was a youngster. However, he has returned and this time he is serious about the music industry.
He Made A Comeback In 2018 But In A Different Genre

After a lengthy absence, Msawawa is back and better than ever to satisfy his fans with new music. He returned to the music industry in 2018 with the intention of reestablishing his reputation.

Msawawa has opted to specialize in Amapiano as opposed to the more popular Kwaito. According to the general public, he chose to resume his musical career by performing Amapiano because it is popular in his native South Africa. However, the musician argues that he chose Amapiano because it sounded similar to Kwaito. Msawawa believes that, despite popular disapproval of his work, his musical career is growing and he is anxious to release new content.

Msawawa is collaborating with his longstanding musical collaborator and close buddy, Mzambiya. The group’s breakthrough single, Imoto Ka Shukela, was released in advance.
Msawawa Got Married In 2015

The wife of the Kwaito celebrity is a woman named Angela Gwala. Despite their age difference, they began dating in 2013 and sealed the knot in 2015. The singer presented the lobola in 2013, prior to the ceremonial nuptials.

Msawawa paid his 36-year-old wife her dowry when he was 25 years old. Some people were startled and even made fun of them for their age difference, but it did not affect their relationship.

The rumor that Msawawa was having an affair with his wife’s sister also contributed to the strained relationship between the couple. Angela Gwala allegedly kicked him out of the home they shared because she discovered he was having an affair with her sister while they were still engaged.

Angela rejected the charges, and Msawawa added that because he had his own residence in Durban and she had hers, she had no right to force him to leave. In addition, he clarified that he was not having an affair with Angela’s sister.


Msawawa is a Kwaito Musician From South Africa – Meet Him