Soft life at its best: A look at Sorisha Naidoo and Vivian Reddy’s R27 million mansion in Durban

Sorisha Naidoo is one lucky woman who has found love in the arms of a billionaire husband, Vivian Reddy. Vivian Reddy is among the most substantial and affluent business people in Mzansi, and he spends his millions spoiling his wife with all the good things that this world can offer. To prove his undying love for his wife Sorisha, he builds an R27 million mega-mansion for her. Their mansion has been featured on Top Billing and judging from its pictures, it is indeed the house that was referred to when they say ‘home sweet home.’





The couple is living a lavish life; they were recently on top trends after Vivian Reddy opened billion-rand Radisson Blu Hotel, Umhlanga. Mzansi was shocked that the couple was slowly becoming the wealthiest couple in Mzansi, competing with the Motsepe. Here is a sneak peek at Sorisha and Vivian’s mega-mansions exterior and interior designs.

A look at Sorisha Naidoo and Vivian Reddy’s R27 million mega-mansion


The two lives in a mansion fit for kings and queens. Their villa has massive well-decorated wood front doors making its view unique. Sorisha’s style is unique, and her mansion has a vintage color as its theme. The mansion is like a bit of heaven with golden and wood furniture and several massive chandeliers to give it a glow.

According to Top Billing, the mansion has four dining rooms and several facilities like a gym, cinema, and a kid’s colossal rumpus room. To cap their lavish life, the villa has a mediation room. The meditation room has a mini library and cabinet filled with spiritual objects, from paintings and drawings made by her children to ornate figurines of various gods and deities.

The couple enjoys being in the kitchen when they are not busy with their office work, so they have a glorious kitchen. Their kitchen is entirely furniture with gold and classy furniture. They live a life that others would only dream of but will not come true.

The scenery of their compound has a well-trimmed lawn with a few trees. To complement their wealthy lifestyle, their mansion opens onto the pool area from all sides, with fancy tiling around the entire pool. The patio also features a braai area for entertaining and pool lights for those midnight splashes in the cooling water.

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