SOCIETY:Big zulu landed Italy in Stlyle See Here

Big Zulu serving all those father-daughter goals

The rapper shared stunning pics of himself with his bundle of joy, Melo. He was saying his sweet goodbye before taking a trip to Europe.

When you’re working hard you must sometimes go out and celebrate maybe on a vacation this helps you to clear your mind and set new goal in life.

because all the opportunities of Life happen for a reason and it’s true this opportunities of life that will help in developing yourself that is why you must take all the opportunities that life gave you.

Big zulu landed in Italy and took some beautiful picture of Italy and also one next to “Michael Angelo famous michelangelo famous sculptures.






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Are you sure you not around, if yeah then tell us in Italian that you really are here at my home, I don’t even under what you said on your caption, this is my home Italy sir, speak my language please.

Enjoy your travels you have earned and deserve it all . God reward all you have done and will do, we know that the impossible is possible, for God’s blessings are Real.

When I saw this post. I remembered the advice that my Grandfather told me at my uncles wedding when we were sitting next to each other close to the music band. The music was loud, I didn’t hear the advice.

Please come back with my future husband it’s been a long wait to a healthy relationship… I have been dreaming about him and the same hotel you checked in.