Social Media Slams Jub Jub For Swearing At Michael

People always make sure that they are glued in front of their TV sets every Sunday at 21:00 to ensure that they don’t miss out on an exciting episode of Uyajola 9/9 as Jub Jub and his crew takes on the cheating complaint brought to their attention, but viewers were divided on the latest episode of the exciting show after the host literally lost his cool and started swearing, in many episode he makes the show exciting as he is always questioning the cheater while seemingly making the situation a bit worse, but this time around, he was angry and started swearing at the complainant.

The main aim of the show is to confront the cheating partner and expose their had ways, but after Michael wrote complaining about his wife Pamela who is always going away on weekends, things turned around the other way during confrontation as it turned out that Michael was also cheating on his woman, that got Jub Jub very angry and started asking him some extremely difficult question in a less respectful manner, viewers were not happy with how he was literally swearing at the man, some believed that he is not suppose to take sides, what he did was uncalled for and he should not speak to people the way he was.





At some point, Jub Jub was very angry and told Michael that he has no right to say anything except listening to him since he is the one who is in charge of the show, he literally ordered Mike to stop back chatting and listen to what he is saying only.

“Where do you get the nerve to insult this lady in front of me? If t was you who caught her cheating what were you going to do? You will listen to me, this is my court and you obey men,” he said.

People took to their Twitter handles and expressed great disappointment after what Jub Jub did and they felt he has gone a bit overboard, he should at least be taking the complainant’s side side instead of embarrassing him like that.

“Why is Jub Jub disrespecting this man like this? It doesn’t matter if this man is cheated or not. Jub Jub should do what he was called for. It’s not the woman who called him. He shouldn’t take her side. Why is he even here if he wants to talk to himself?” one Twitter influencer wrote and people reacted under this Tweet.

Some even went as far as bringing back the issue that saw Jub Jub spending years in jail, they said at least this man cheated and he is not a murderer who killed innocent school kids