Social Media Left Arguing After A Post Was Shared Claiming Makhadzi Is The Beyonce Of South Africa

The South African entertainment industry is one that is very broad and has talent from different backgrounds, who bring all sorts of different art forms that people enjoy. The South African entertainment industry is not big, but it has many talented individuals who have made their mark even overseas, and the industry is recognised for its uniqueness, mostly when it comes to music.




Many individuals in South Africa who come from disadvantaged backgrounds dream big and some of them have dreams of working in the industry and becoming one of the biggest artists one day, just like Limpopo born artist Makhadzi. Makhadzi is a proudly Venda artist who makes music in her native language and many people have received her well ever since she got into the industry. She is hard-working and she is a talented performer. What people mostly like and recognise about her is that she puts in the effort when it comes to her work and she makes sure that when she is on stage, people remember her.

She has even visited countries. A post was shared on social media with Makhadzi’s picture shared and quoted saying Makhadzi is the Beyonce of South Africa. Social was left two-sided after the list, and people in the comments said if Makhadzi is the Beyonce of South Africa, then it means Beyonce is the Makhadzi of America.