“So you’re a man?” | Look What People Are Saying After Caster Semenya Posted A Picture Of Her Wife

South African middle-distance runner and winner of two Olympic gold medals and three World Championships Mokgadi Caster Semenya took to her official Twitter account earlier this afternoon (Sunday 10 April) to proudly post a picture of herself and her wife, the picture in question shows Caster Semenya and her wife posing intimately while wearing matching outfits.

However, as you can imagine, a lot of people on social media site Twitter responded negatively after seeing the picture of Caster Semenya and her wife, some people even made comments saying that she is a man even though we all know that she is a woman, just look at what some people said after seeing the picture of Caster Semenya and her wife…

“Verdict: semenya is male”



“And you insist on competing against women😕”

“So you’re a man?”

“Is he/she actually a man? Why does he wants to compete as a women in athletics?”

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