‘So embarrassed’: Faith Nketsi opens up about troubled marriage

South African reality TV star and influencer Faith Nketsi has left South Africans absolutely buzzing with the new season of her reality TV show, Have Faith. In episode one, the star opens up about moving out of her marital home after having trouble with her husband Nzuzo Njilo. A few months ago, Nzuzo was trending online after the Port Shepstone police issued a warrant of arrest as well as a wanted poster showing his face.

In the midst of all of that, Faith shared a snap of Nzuzo playing with their daughter Sky in an adorable black and white photo — something many believed was a front. And now she has finally opened up about the reality of her marriage.




All along, Faith Nketsi Njilo left people guessing when it came to her marriage to Nzuzo Njilo who has been accused of fraud and a number of other crimes.

While rumours swirled that she and him had split, she continued to share posts about her beautiful and happy little family.

Even after a warrant of arrest was issued for Nzuzo who subsequently handed himself over to the police.

Nzuzo Njilo, married to Faith Nketsi, is wanted for fraud. Photo: ZAPosts/ Twitter

Taking to her Instagram shortly after the warrant of arrest was issued, Faith shared a photo of her fugitive husband playing with their little baby.

“They play way too much,” she captioned the photo.

Screenshot from Faith Nketsi’s Instagram account taken last week. Image via Instagram: @faithnketsi
And now the first episode of Have Faith season 5 has revealed that she has indeed moved out of her marital home and may even be considering a divorce.

During one of her diary sessions on the show, she shared that having to move out of her marital home and back with her mom was a huge source of embarrassment for her.

“Since the last time you saw me I have been adjusting to being a new mother, being a wife. I moved out of my marital home,” she says at the start of the show.

“What was collapsing, my whole marriage was collapsing right in front of my eyes,” she said in her video diary.

“It is such an embarrassing situation, I’m embarrassed for my soul,” she added.

At the end of the episode, she also visits a divorce lawyer.

Twitter users have weighed in on the news and appear to feel bad for Faith. Many also wondered if their marriage will withstand all of the drama.

“I genuinely was rooting for Njilo & Faith Nkentsi,I hope they are not toying with our emotions just to get more views for the show but @ the same time I dnt want the divorce to happen,” wrote one person.