So Cute, Somizi Stepped Into Kelly Khumalo’s Event Proudly With A Song That Kelly Wrote For Him.

In the world there are friends, and then there are friends and Kelly khumalo and somizi have shown us time and time again that they are those friends and that nothing could ever come between them.

In the industry like the south African entertainment industry it is very difficult to see celebrities being friends with each other and by being friends I do not just mean acquaintances I mean real friends who are always there for each other and who support each other in everything that they do.



One of the very few celebrity friendships that is still very active is that of Kelly khumalo and somizi mhlongo. The two has held each down for each other for so long and it is just lovely to see. Yesterday Kelly khumalo had a big event where she was performing and guess what…. somizi was the one presenting her to the audience, he walked in there proudly and looking very representable whilst heading on stage to present his dear friend. And what topped that whole moment was that when he got on stage, he was accompanied by the song called Somizi that Kelly once wrote for him. That was such a cute and special moment.