Snieziey Msomi and Thickleeyonce leave their fans astonished with matching outfits.

Our scars make us who were are. They are a proof of the battles we’ve thought and won. They make us even more beautiful than ever. Not many people have the luxury of being reminded just how strong they are because not many people have scars. They do say that “scars to your beautiful.”

Snieziey Msomi is a newly wed and award nominee. The former Idols SA contestant is now an amazing gospel singer. She’s made a huge name for herself in the industry. She’s also amongst the beautiful and fearless women who embrace their bodies and do what they like.






Her and her friends Thickleeyonce are a force to be reckoned with. They normally give a us beautiful and banging pictures of themselves in similar outfits. This time around they are in tracksuits and crop tops. Snieziey captioned them while looking the scar on her stomach. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them.