Sneziey Msomi leaves her fans with her wedding looks.

Women are opportunists. They wait always wait for a moment where they can just slay for absolutely nothing. That’s why they go to the mall looking like they are on a runway. They use every opportunity given to them, to look amazing. Wedding and parties.


Sneziey Msomi is a model and musician. She became famous after entering on Idols SA. She’s one of the most influential thick models. She’s been doing YouTube videos with her friend Youtuber, businesswoman, photographer and model Thickleeyonce. These two are one of our favourite celeb friends. They wear similar clothes and have confidence for days.

The gospel singer attended a wedding and she made sure to go looking breathtaking. Her sister had a two day wedding. In one of them she wore a gold dress and the other one a pink one. Both looks are amazing but very different. She nailed all the looks. As a fellow maloti, it is only fair she supports others.