Sneziey Msomi and Thickleeyonce get together to talk about their deadbeat dads and other things.

There are some people you just click with. You get along with them easily. Mostly because you have a lot in common with them. You relate easily especially to certain things. It is good because then they understand your pain and everything else. We all need such people.





Sneziey Msomi is a former Idols SA contestant who is an one of our best award nominee gospel singer. She recently got married and she’s more happier than before. She also motivates other thick women to embrace their bodies and be proud of them. She’s very close with influencer, businesswoman and photography Thickleeyonce who also has a YouTube channel.

They came together as always but this time they did a video together. They will be discussing all things but most importantly deadbeat dads and others. These two seem to relate more with each other. They always give us good content whenever they are together.