Sneziey Msomi and her husband leave their fans speechless with recent pictures.

Being married means doing almost everything with your partner. Gone are the days where you would do things solo. You are guaranteed a person for life. And that’s the best thing about it. The part of dressing up comes as a bonus than anything else.

Sneziey Msomi is one of the most confident women in the industry. She’s a gospel singer who has received nominees. She comes a long way since her Idols. Sneziey is no longer a single lady, she got married last year with beautiful ceremonies. She seems to be happier than we’ve seen her.





Men go through the most with their partners. They have to be doing things that would not under normal circumstances. But love has them even volunteering to do certain things that goes to show just how much they love their women. Sneziey shared pictures of her and her husband wearing the same outfits. The settled for a paige color.