Sneziey Msomi and her husband leave her fans with recent post.

We might preach a lot about self love. Which we are right, one cannot love someone else while they are incapable of loving themselves. It is beautiful to see a couple loving each other unconditionally. It means they were both ready emotionally.


Sneziey Msomi is a gone girl. The newly married award nominee got married last year. Her and her husband Vusi only dated for nine months and that was enough for the couple to tie the knot. We saw Sneziey smile throughout their ceremonies and that’s all a girl ever wants.


She shared a cute picture of the two of them on the mirror. She accompanied it with a cute caption “When you tell me you love me I don’t smile out of habit nor because I hearing it all the time,I smile because I’m constantly reminded that you are in my life FOREVER 🥺❤️💍”. Marriage looks good on her, this is the talk we want from a married woman.