Sne Mseleku gushes over her sister-in-law.

Sne Mseleku is a South African media personality and she is also one of the most loved young celebrity in South Africa.

Sne is the first born daughter to Musa Mseleku who is a business man and also a television presenter and host as well.

Sne has two very beautiful children whom she loves ve ey much and always posts on her social media page.


Sne is the first born of the ten children that Musa Mseleku has and she is the first one to make Musa Mseleku a grandchild.

We all got to know about Sne from their reality television show called Uthando nesthembu and she has made headlines a fee times because of the things that she used to do.

She lives with her step mother who is the first wife to Musa Mseleku and they have an okay relationship and she helps take care of her kids.

Sne’s little brother whose name is Nompumelelo has two girlfriends and sne took a picture with her and posted the picture.