Slinger Nomcebo Zikode On The Road To Forgiveness & Leaving The Past Behind.

Singer Nomcebo Zikode has been through a lot in her music career, and said what has kept her sane is her faith in God. She has chosen to focus on the bright side of life.

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The singer has been warding off negative comments from social media users. Everything from naysayers who insist she is talentless to people who have chosen to not to support her in her recent impasse with Master KG.


Though she has clarified there is no beef, people have minds of their own. Speaking to a local publication, Nomcebo said she believes God will sort out all the bad things that happen to her.

“ There are people who do bad things to us in life, and we will always wish that harm befalls them and wonder why God doesn’t punish them, forgetting that God loves us all. He will give you an opportunity to change because he loves you too. Our flaw is we want to focus on the bad and we wish bad things would happen to them.“ I will never say my life is 100% OK.

There are challenges I’m facing. When there is something bad happening God will sort that out for me. One day he will, and only he knows when but it’s not for me to ask God to avenge me. What I need to do, if I see that this door is about to close, I try to open another door, I don’t have to work hard to do it, God does miracles. Like now I’m from America,” she said.

The Jerusalema vocalist came home a week ago from her world tour and said her time overseas has made her realise she is on the right path.“What was happening there, where I was thanked by whites, I couldn’t believe it but I always thank God for all of that. It was his power not my wisdom.

Trust me there were so many musicians who didn’t treat me well and said I couldn’t sing but in that moment I realised it’s what God has gifted to me.“Sometimes I cry. Someone will take the work you do lightly, not understanding the power God has given you. When things like that happen, knowing where I come from, I say I didn’t do this on my own.

So many things were said to me on social media or wherever. So many people have said I didn’t write a certain song, but when you want facts and compare, the lyrics and melodies are not the same.

”At the moment she was being honoured by the City of Miami, she wondered why she hasn’t received such recognition at home, but she quickly realised that was ungrateful.“

In life there is no need to complain. Sometimes I’ll be saying why didn’t I get a Sama, or at home why am I not being appreciated enough. I got that from overseas. Again that doesn’t mean there’s someone who has to beg me, God has his own way He was saying ‘I want you to be thanked there in America, New York, Florida’.”

“In life I’ve learnt to appreciate myself the way I am. There are bad situations but let me not dwell on the negativity, and I try to not think about that when I sleep at night.”