Skolopad requests for prayers after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Skolopad claims she’s being diagnosed with bipolar disorder after living in denial for 10 years.

The actress takes to social media to requests for prayers from supporters and friends, she further revealed that she will be locked indoors for weeks.



“Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Qwabe Nonhlanhla I have Bipolar disorder I’ve been in a denial stage for 10 years but today again I was re-diagnosed by my new psychologist. Please don’t feel sorry me but support me with your prayer as my levels are now uncontrollable. Skin treatment making it worse and i get triggered by small things. I’ll be locked in for two to three weeks,” she shared.

Fans have sent comforting words to her, knowing she’s been battling one challenges or the other since she survived in a fatal car accident three years ago.

From surviving to battling depression and getting to embrace her scars, to skin irritation due to nose mask and a few others she probably didn’t bring to limelight.