Skkhoza From the Queen Causes a stir as he gets into a Fight while High on Something

Sthembiso Khoza famously known as SK Khoza from the Mzansi channel hit tv show, the Queen is one guy that is not a stranger of bad publicity, and getting into a bit of trouble. His real life is a little bit the same as the one he plays on the show which is a bit of a bad boy.

The actor has come into the spotlight before for many different things, but the most notable one was the one where he was caught on video in a house party full of naked girls dancing around guys that were fully dressed. When the video made headlines the girls came out sayinh that they were drugged because they do not recall events of that night, but the story slowly quieted down.

He has come onto the spotlight again as a video surfaced online of the actor, acting strange and trying to start a fight with a big white guy. On the video you can clearly see that the actor is behaving very strange and is under the influence of narcotics of some kind. Even when they try to stop him he keeps screeming and jumping up and down trying to provoke the guy.

Some social media users have voiced their concerns regarding the actor and have come to say that he needs help, and they should be done soon before the actor gets himself in a situation he wont be able to get out off.