SkeemSaam|Viewers express their emotions about the character of Pretty on the show




Skeem Saam left their viewers emotional last night after Lehasa and Pretty were forced to make a decision that might ruin their lives forever, and Pretty is starting to see things on the other way where she has decided on leaving Lehasa forever.

But Maphosa is trying hard to make sure that this thing does not happen and he will do everything to make sure that he fights for the woman that he loves, but his priority now is to save himself from going to prison which is something that he is not proud of and the only thing that she can do is to marry Khwezi.

But viewers started to react on social media last night about how painful they were about Pretty and Lehasa, because they were happy that this two have gotten back into a serious relationship, that inspires lovers across the country about a second chance in love and forgivenes.