SkeemSaam|Viewers express their concerns after Mapitsi betrays Katlego again, see details


Katlego has just dealt with another blow again after he was betrayed by Mapitsi after telling Candice about his business agreement with Lehasa, and the young Candice didn’t waste any time to consult her father so that they contact Lehasa together, which ended fruitfully for them.




But Katlego is starting to accept that Candice has been carrying him financially since they started this business, and there’s no surprise that the young man has ended up confessing to Candice about having a lot of money than him.

Mapitsi have cost Katlego big time and she has to pay for what she has done this guy after betraying him in the cookbook, and now he has lost his Lehasa shares to have full ownership of Capsys.

Katlego’s problem is far from over because he will lose his power in this business. After all, Candice will never want to work with him again and she will prove that he is nothing without her.