SkeemSaam|Viewers express their concerns after Katlego does the unthinkable on the show, see details


Betrayal has got out the better of Katlego this week after he decided to buy the shares of Lehasa alone, which is something that has made Lehasa happy to see that the young Ian is growing a lot, after being the good guy for years where he was used by those that he loves.




Viewers started to express their concerns on social media about how this issue will be affecting him.

It will be a hectic month as Katlego will be trying to seal the deal that will give him more power on Capsys, without Candice knowing after taking a trip to Capetown to take photo shoot of their new cookbook.

Katlego is now understanding better that they are not permanent friends in business and he has to do something that will benefit him in the future, because his hard work has been taken by Mapitsi and her friend and he is not recognised in his book, after coming up with new recipes which he took from his grandmother.