SkeemSaam|Viewers are not happy about the storyline of this show


Things are starting to be hectic on social media after SkeemSaam expressed their concerns about the storyline of Paxton who is always walking away with the crime, that he does on the show without getting any punishment from Magongwa and his parents.

This time viewers have said that they are bored with this show because it sends a bad message to the young people, who are going through a lot and this Paxton issue is causing serious problems for them because it does not motivate them.

But Mosebjadi has started to complain to the principal and it looks like Paxton has stolen the story of this young girl because it’s nowhere to be found and Paxton has stolen it.

Paxton has to pay for his crimes before someone gets killed because of her bad behavior which has caused a lot of sadness for many families in the community of Turf.