SkeemSaam:Mr Kgomo Went to Paxton’s Space To Investigate Him Yet He Didn’t Track Him Down





Mr Kgomo addressed Paxton about taking Mosebjadi’s and he declined that he took her work. Mr Kgomo made harmony that Paxton was blameless. It was the ideal opportunity for him to go to work and drop Paxton off yet he was not accessible. He called him so they could go yet nobody replied.

He checked his school pack to check assuming he went to class. He was unable to accept his eyes after what he saw. He tracked down Mosebjadi’s brief tale.

He didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do so he chose to consume it to safeguard his child. He took the paper and put it in a canister to consume it. He drank bourbon while he was sitting tight for it to consume. He didn’t actually go to work like he wanted to. At the point when Paxton returns, he will rebuff him.

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