SkeemSaam:Mr Kganyago Has Been Giving Watchers Another Side That They Didn’t Anticipate From Him


Mr Kganyago has been giving watchers another side that they didn’t anticipate from him. He isn’t the one Yesterday he showed Lizzy who he really is





Mr Kganyago has been giving viewers another side that they did not expect from him. He is not the man who he was while he was still in hospital. When he was in hospital, he used to be a good man and very humble.

Since he moved in with Lizzy and her mother, he has been a compete different person. Mr Kganyago gave Lizzy a very bad look, he was also compaining about how his first night was. He complained about the bed and the food they were eating, he added by saying that he prefers the hotel bed and food.

Viewers suspect that he will be very abusive towards Jacobeth, it can emotional or physical abuse. Jacobeth loves him and she will probably not see anything wrong with Mr Kganyago. Lizzy needs to do something about it soon enough.

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