SkeemSaam:Mr And Mrs Kgomo Are Very Frustrated After What Pox Did See What Happened





Obed educated his better half regarding what occurred with Eunice. He told her that she came to request pardoning however rather he didn’t allow her an opportunity to talk, he just gave her the container champagne that she once gave him and that he likewise advised her to never go to Turf Hospital.

Mrs Kgomo was frustrated in him. She let him know that as a pioneer he should deal with the circumstance better. At the point when Mr Kgomo attempted to legitimize his activities, she let him know that what he did was off-base and it could prompt Eunice backsliding.

Paxton came and advised his folks to figure the name of their new Sepedi instructor. He let them know that it is Ma’m Thobakgale and Obed chuckled. He said that she merited it. Mrs Kgomo let Obed know that what Thobakgale did is great authority abilities. She kept on letting him know that he ought not be blissful when somebody is down.

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