#SkeemSaam|Meikie receives the good news that might change her life, see details


Finally, Meikie has received the good news that will change her life forever after Bopapa told her that she is now a free woman and she will be going home on Thursday, and this means that she will be enjoying his Good Friday with her family. looks happier than before.

But the rest of the community is scared about the things that this woman can do to this community after trying to kill her husband, and his son in the past months which ended her in prison, and now the people of Turfloop will be starting panic when they see Meikie as a free woman.

But this might be a jug blow for people like John who was looking to divorce this woman after the prophecy that he got about the attitude of killing people again, and this time the traditional healer has made things clear that Meikie is going to kill another person again.

After the video that has been going on social media where Maurine was giving John a comfort in the restaurant, things might get worse for Marothi’s assistant because Meikie might be coming for her to teach her a lesson, and this time she might do it to send a message to Mantuli.

It won’t be easy for these two families as they are trying to get to each other again after they have been struggling to solve their issues in the past, and this time they fear for each other and they don’t know what Mike will do this time.